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President Peng Yonghong Visited Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



In order to further promote education internationalization and enhance level

of cooperative programs, a delegation led byPresident Peng Yonghongvisited

Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM) on June 26th and were warmly received by

Professor Wahid Omar, Vice Chancellor of UTM. 


During the visit, President Peng Yonghong introduced the development of

Huizhou city, the history of HZU and its distinguished features and the cooperation

with foreign universities. He pointed out that UTM is an internationally renowned

university with excellent experience in teaching and research. Cooperating with

sucha university in respects of international cooperation and communication meets

thestrategy of the University. Professor Wahid Omar, Vice Chancellor of UTM,

expressedhis sincere thanks for the visit of HZU delegation, and introduced the

development ofUTM and some of their excellent research results. He also proposed

the ideas offuture cooperation between two parties.

Two parties decided to hold the first “Huizhou University- Universiti Technologi

Malaysia International Seminar” in Huizhou University from September 13thto 17th

this year, which will be attended by more than 20 experts and scholars from UTM.

The joint-seminar will provide opportunities for scholars of two universities to

communicate and conduct collaborative research, as well as laying a solid basis for

further high-level collaboration and cooperation.

During the visit, the delegation also attended the 9th Huizhou World Convention,

and visited PERSATUAN FUI CHEW MELAKA as well as Oasis College, meeting and

having friendly meeting with overseas Chinese.