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Holding an International Seminar with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia




On the morning of September 14th, the 1stInternational Seminar between

Huizhou University and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) was held in Academic

Report Hall. Peng Yonghong, President of HZU, Liu Guodong, the Vice President,

13 scholars from UTM, and over 20 HZU representatives participated in the opening

ceremony, Keynote Speech and panel discussions. Liu Guodong hosted the opening



At the opening ceremony, President Peng Yonghong made an opening speech for

the seminar. Firstly, he expressed sincere welcome to the coming of experts and

scholars from UTM. He mentioned that UTM is a university with worldwide

reputation and excellent teaching and scientific research quality, and it is a

breakthrough in HZU education internationalization to establish partnership and

conduct collaborative research with such a reputable university. Moreover, he said

that this international seminar not only fulfills the proposal co-set by the leadership

of HZU and UTM, but also was a milestone on the road towards substantive

cooperative programs between two parties.

Subsequently, Associate Professor Norma Alias delivered a speech on behalf of

the delegation of UTM. Firstly, she expressed sincere thanks to HZU reception and

thoughtful arrangements. She said that the host of the seminar performed the

Memorandum of Understanding that requires collaborative scientific research,

laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. In hopes of extending the

cooperation between two parties, UTMas the host of the 2ndinternational

seminar in 2017, sincerely invites experts and scholars from HZU to attend the


After the opening ceremony, Dr. Chua Lee Suan, Dr. Yeo Kee Jiar from UTM, as well

as Dr. Lifang and Dr. Diao Guiqiang from HZU delivered keynote speeches based on

their research fields of biomedicine, language learning, management and chemical




While staying in Huizhou, the guests visited the Westlake and Luofu Mountain, experiencing the splendid scenery of Huizhou City. In Luofu Mountain,

they visited Ge Hong Museum and learned herbal medicine, gaining understanding

of the profoundness of Chinese culture and herbal medicine.


UTM ranks in the world's Top 300 University. Science majors including electrical

engineering, biochemistry and computer science have international reputation and

long-term academic cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of technology, Oxford

University, Cambridge University and other world's top universities. Doubtlessly,

this seminar will enrich international atmosphere at HZU and enhance the level of

international cooperation programs.