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Prof. Petro Kyrychok Vice President of National Technical

University of Ukraine Visited HZU


On the morning of 10th April, Prof. Petro Kyrychok, Vice President of National

Technical University of UkraineNTUU, and Andrii Shysholin, Director of

Foreign Affairs Office, visited HZU to discuss future cooperation. The guests

were warmly received by Lai Meiqin, Vice President of HZU, and directors of

Scientific Research Management Department, International Affairs Department,

Finance Department and deans of schools concerned.



Lai Meixin, on behalf of the HZU, expressed sincere welcome to the guests, and

introduced international cooperation programs of recent years. She said that HZU

is in a significant development stage which the University is currently being

co-funded by provincial and municipal government and experiencing a

transformation. Strengthening the cooperation with the National Technical

University of Ukraine in scientific research plays an important role in promoting

the construction of science and engineering major and improving the level of

scientific research. At present, two parties’ scientific research has achieved several

applaudable results. She looks forward to conducting further cooperation in fields

of computer, science, chemistry and electronics between two parties in the coming




Petro Kyrychok, expressed his gratitude for the warmly reception. He introduced

the advantageous majors of NTUU, its outstanding subjects, education mode and

etc. He analyzed areas for future cooperation, methods of cooperation and so on,

hoping to exchange students and establish NTU-KPI ---- HZU Joint Research Institute




The National Technical University of Ukraine (NTUU) is one of the world's oldest

universities in fields of science and technology which has outstanding results in

training talents with abilities to conduct technology and science research. Vice

President Petro Kyrychok 's visit has a positive effect in consolidating the

cooperation between two parties, making the development of new joint research

projects and improvement of research quality possible.