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Vice President Xu Wanhong Visited the United States



To strengthen international communication and cooperation, reinforce cooperation

with partner university, develop various exchange programs and seek for common

development, a delegation led by Xu Wanhong, Vice President of Huizhou University

(HZU), visited the University of Jamestown (UJ) in the USA on October 18th.

The delegation received a warm welcome from Robert Badal, President, and Paul

Olson, Vice President, and some other officials from UJ.


During the visit, the delegation of HZU visited the School of Computer Science,

School of Business, School of Biology, School of Foreign Languages, Nursing Labs,

etc. and had a meeting with President Robert Badal and Vice President Paul Olson.

President Robert Badal extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the delegation

with sincere thanks. He said the memory of his attendance to HZU’s 65th

anniversary in 2011 was still fresh and congratulated HZU on reaching its 70th

anniversary this year. He said that in the past 6 years, Chinese international

education teachers of HZU have played an important role in UJ’s Chinese and

Chinese Cultural Education. He also hoped the two parties could continue to

expand communication scale on teachers and students exchanges, and to carry

out more communication and cooperation programs. Vice President Xu Wanhong

introduced HZU’s achievement in talents cultivation, scientific research, and

international communication and cooperation in recent years. He thought highly of

the communication and cooperation between two parties and appreciated UJ’s cooperation in establishing an overseas platform for HZU’s teachers practicing

teaching Chinese to international students. Finally, he expressed his hope to

enhance the level of cooperative programs.

During the visit in the United States, the delegation also visited the University of

North Dakota and had a informal meeting with Hesham El-Rewini, Dean of School

of Engineering and Mining, as well as Professor Vamegh Rasouli, the head of the

Department of Petroleum Engineering. Dean Hesham El-Rewini introduced that

School of Engineering and Mining has a high level in research and teaching with 6

departments included Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electron, Geography, Machinery

and Petroleum Engineering, in which undergraduate and graduate education are all

included. Xu Wanhong said that in Huizhou City, the petrochemical industry is one

of the pillar industries and HZU has rich experience in this field. HZU now is

strengthening and encouraging the construction of science and engineering

subjects, thus there might be an opportunity to conduct substantive cooperation in

fields of petroleum engineering in the future between two universities.

This visit has strengthened the communication with UJ, defined the direction of

future cooperation between two parties, discovered new partner and explored

possible cooperation. Foundation for future endeavor has been laid and

cooperation with universities in the USA can also be enhanced.