British Professor Holger Kehne Gives Lecture at HZU


On the afternoon of Oct.26th, Professor Holger Kehne gave a lecture entitled New Reality - The Combination of the Building and The Setting in the library lecture hall.


Holger Kehne claimed that modern building design should combine the idea with the concept, site and landscape so as to have a sustainable development strategy better applied by the means of connecting the buildings with their surroundings. He emphasized that sustainable development could not just be about efficiency and function; it should also reflect the heritage and continuity of our culture. During the lecture, he gave three warnings to the students from the Department of Architecture which were very provoking. In the interactive section, students brought up questions about how to incorporate classical Chinese architectural culture into modern concepts. Professor Kehne mentioned that while we cannot neglect the inspiration of the past, that doesn't mean simply copying. Instead, we should translate those inspirations into a modern concept from a new angle.


Teachers and students sang high praise of professor Kehnes lecture when the speech finished.



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