President Peng Yonghong Attends Educational Roundtable between Guangdong, China and BC, Canada

On Nov.7th, delegations from universities in BC and Guangdong Province jointly held an educational roundtable at the Westin Hotel in Guangzhou. Some universities signed a cooperative agreement during the meeting.


The conference's subject was opportunity, challenge and creativity in the cooperation between Guangdong Province and BC. HZU and Capilano University of BC had previously signed a cooperative agreement two years ago. Over those two years, each side has actively sought opportunities for communication and cooperation. In 2009 and 2010, Capilano University sent two groups of students to visit HZU, which helped both schools get to know each other. In 2010 ,HZU sent 20 administrative staffs to attend three-weeks of overseas training at Capilano University. Those in attendance reported finding the experience quite beneficial.


Before the Nov. 7th meeting , President Peng Yonghong and vice-president of Capilano University Katherine Vertesi renewed their agreement and had a conversation on how to further facilitate cooperation and communication between the two institutions.


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