President Peng Yonghong Leads a Group of Delegates to Visit Japan

From Dec.5th to Dec. 10th, President Peng Yonghong led a group of five people to Japan, successively visiting 
Hokkaido University, Hokkaido Bunkyo University, Tokyo University, Waseda University, and the Jtex Management 
Centre of TSK.  

During the visit to Hokkaido Bunkyo University, President Peng Yonghong had a detailed talk with directors of several 
departments and got a comprehensive understanding of the lives and studies of the visiting students from HZU. 
Furthermore, both sides had a full and indepth exchange of views about curriculum planning, teaching progress, 
credit recognition, degree release and further communication between the two universities. Afterwards, Presidents 
Peng had lunch with the eleven students from HZU in the cafeteria. 

Although this trip to Japan was very hurried, it meant a lot. Through the investigation, President Peng and the other 
attendants gained a deeper understanding of the current situation of higher educational development in Japan and its 
tendencies. Furthermore, this trip also boosted the expansion of HZU's cooperative projects. As such, the trip 
reached its desired purpose.   

Taking a group picture 
President Peng Yonghong with students enjoying lunch 
A group picture taken in JTEC Management Center 
President Peng Yonghong visiting the laboratory of Tokyo University 
Having a conference  

Editors: Reason Lee, Jimmy Lau          Foreign Affair Office  HZU       UpdateTime:December 29th, 2011



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