Mizushima Nobuo, Former General Manager of Huizhou Zhurun Wiring System Co., Ltd. Visits HZU


Recently, Mr. Mizushima Nobuo-----Japanese professional guest professor of Foreign Language Department, HZU, the former general manager of Huizhou Zhurun Wiring Systems Co., Ltd, the present consultant of Firefly Management Consulting Co., Ltd, paid a visit to HZU. Mr. Peng Yonghong, the president of HZU, made a friendly reception for the guests.

      During the communication, Mr. Mizushima referred that there is difference between Chinese culture and Japanese culture, and there still needs reinforce of the communication and cooperation between Chinas universities and Japans universities. He does cherish the honor of being invited to be a guest professor by HZU. He will give a lecture to the Japanese majors about Japanese enterprises culture and management of Japanese enterprises. As a guest professor, he hopes he can develop the EQ course (Japanese Enterprise Staged Training Course) to the students of HZU, guiding the university students to keep self-improvement and dedicate themselves to study and work with well condition of mind and body.

      During his visit, he expressed that he would continue to sponsor the 2nd Firefly Japanese Speech Contest titled by the Firefly Management Consulting Co., Ltd and the Huizhou Zhurun Wiring Systems Co., Ltd.  He hoped the excellent graduates of Japanese majors can practise and work in the Firefly Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

        Dr. Peng showed welcome and appreciation to the visit of Mr. Mizushima and supports his proposal.  Dr. Peng hoped there will be a long-term and stable cooperatively-run schools relationship between the Huizhou Zhurun Wiring Systems Co., Ltd and the Firefly Management Consulting Co., Ltd, and he hopes it can promote a win-win development.

      It is known that by the time of February 15th, there have been 12 Japanese major seniors making a 3-month internship in the Huizhou Zhurun Wiring Systems Co., Ltd. 80% of them will take up occupation after the practice.



                      R 3rd:Mr. Mizushima Nobuo

                                                                 taking a group picture


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