Huizhou University has a rich history in education and has always been a gathering place for talent. Our campus is encircled by green
hills, shady trees and fragrant flowers. These attributes, coupled with modern buildings, create an excellent environment for teaching,
research and study.

The campus which is near Jinshan Lake covers a total area of 1.6 square kilometers (approx. 397 acres).  Total building  space is over
27,000 square meters.
The total value of the facilities and equipment for teaching and research is 76,166,700 RMB, including over one
million books and 
609,900 E-Books in the library. 

As the center linking the Guangdong Provincial ERNIC (also a part of CERNIC) in Huizhou Municipality, the University is a part of the well-equipped network.  We have cooperated with 120 off-campus institutions in order to provide students' internship opportunity


Contract Terms:

Vacancy:                     15

Gender:                       M / F

Degree:                       Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.

Work Experience:      one year teaching experience

Age:                            20-60

Nationality:                American, British, Canadian, Australian, Japanese, etc

Language:                  English, Japanese

Contract Length:       one year

Start Date:                 February or September

Work Location:         Jinshan Lake Campus, HZU

Subjects Available to Teach (According to Specialization): 

                                   English, Japanese, Economics, Law, History, Tourism, Computer, Electronics, Chemistry, Biology, Architecture,                                    Textile, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Music, Physical Education, etc.

Air Fare:                     8000 RMB/year


Teaching periods per week: 16-22 periods (one period is 45 minutes)

Salary:                        5000-8000 RMB (Based on qualifications and experience) plus 60 RMB for water and electricity, 150 RMB
                                    for traffic allowance, and 50 RMB for telephone bill.

Holidays: 1) 3.5 - 4 weeks winter vacation

                 2) 6-7 weeks summer vacation

 3) 1 day at Labor Day

 4)  3 days at National Day

 5)  Weekends

 6)  1 day for Christmas or Easter


Other benefits:

Free multiple-entry visa and residence permit.

Medical care available in the university clinic.

Free internet service in the apartment and office.

A free comprehensive medical insurance.


Huizhou University will arrange accommodations on campus with  kitchen, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, heated shower, air conditi-oner, Internet and necessary furniture. Employees can enjoy Chinese medical service in accordance with Chinas medical system at the s-chool clinic.

 Fax or post his/her job application, resume, scans of education certificates (including degree), reference letters from two professional referees, and scan of passport if you are interested in teaching and living here.


Contact: Daisy Li

Tel: 86-752-2529260

Fax: 86-752-2529489


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Tel: 86-752-2529260  Fax: 86-752-2529489
Address: Foreign Affairs Office, Huizhou University, Huizhou, Guangdong, China 516007