Dr. Luo Mingchu of Emporia State University (in the U.S.) Gives Lecture in HZU


On the evening of May 30, Dr. Luo Mingchu of Emporia State University, USA, gave a lecture on “Universities and University life in America” in the Academic Lecture Hall of the library. The lecture was presided over by the students from the Finance and Management Department and the students from this department attended the lecture as well.

       During the lecture, Dr. Luo Mingchu explained the educational differences between China and the United States with the question: Is standardized test useful in the assessment of general education? Dr Luo mentioned that courses on general education were indispensable learning programs in the American universities and that students strived to make progress in critical thinking, writing, analysis and communication. That is why American Universities are committed to providing all the students the high-quality public courses. He also mentioned that to obtain the knowledge and skills was a process of constant development and American universities needed to set a professional learning program of solid foundation. This would not only influence the two CAAP (Computer Aided Process Planning) scores developed by the general education technology, improve the students’ academic ability, but also it would affect the grade point average as measured by the University academically.

 At the end of the lecture, Dr. Luo also briefly introduced the exchange programs between Emporia State University and Huizhou University, and those exchange programs between the University of Nebraska and Huizhou University as well. After the lecture, the students enthusiastically talked with Dr Luo’s overseas students. 


Brief introduction:

 Luo Mingchu, born in Shanwei city, Guangdong, graduated from the English Department of Huiyang College in 1991.

  In 2005, he had gained the Education Administration doctorate in the University of Nebraska, with the major of quantitative research and statistical analysis.

        Dr. Luo is now a researcher and associate professor in the senior colleges of Emporia State University, Kansas. He has engaged in researches from different areas such as postgraduates teaching, school management, data-driven decision-making, the research of internationalized education and so on. Besides, he has published nearly 20 articles in international journals. In addition, he had worked for many years in the Foreign Affairs Department, South China Normal University.  

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