HZU Starts the 2013 Overseas SWT Program

On the afternoon of October 19th, the overseas Summer Work and Travel Program [SWT] meeting was held in the            Administration Building. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhao Rixing, and Director of Foreign Affairs Department,   Lucy Lin, met with representatives of other departments to discuss launching the SWT Program for 2013.

Having the meeting at Administration Building

Zhao Rixing mentioned three important matters about this important international program: first, this overseas SWT program should be normalized within the university; second, all departments should pay more attention to the program and organize it well within their departments; third, participants need to understand their more about their destination before going.

Counselors from each department should train the student participants to learn and obey the rules and laws in America and  make sure that students stay safe during their travel overseas, Counselors should also ensure that participants study hard,    learn English, understand some of the culture, and master necessary social skills.  

Lucy Lin mentioned that having the SWT overseas project was a primary measure of the current internationalization initiatives of the university. Every year our school selects various important international communication activities such as: sending our   faculty and staff overseas to learn from other universities administrative work and teaching methods; attending and hosting a variety of international academic meetings; and, inviting Chinese and foreign international experts to visit, speak, and conduct research.

Meanwhile, the university also sends students to study abroad and receives students from overseas on visits and study tours to HZU from Japan, Korea, Canada, and America.. And, our students regularly take part in international competitions,            international extracurricular events, and socio-cultural studies each year.

The leader of the China Service Center for Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries gave a detailed introduction of   SWT program. Senior student, Ji Siwei, a geography major, shared her personal SWT experience in America this past          summer.

Its been said that SWT program is a very mature cultural communication program with America. The program provides       university students from all over the world an opportunity to work and travel in America and experience its culture. As well, it   gives participants an opportunity to improve their English.

Zhao Rixing speaking to the representatives at the meeting

Many students going to America get common jobs such as: swimming pool lifeguard, sales assistant, chefs assistant or hotel customer service assistant. Since 2009, a total of 89 students at HZU have participated in this program. With the efforts of   both counselors and participants, we hope that the number of participants will substantially increase in the summer of 2013. 

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