Zhao Rixing Attends the 48th Anniversary of Chihlee Institute of Technology [CIT]

From the 3rd to the 9th of November, HZU Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhao Rixing, along with the    Directors of the Education Technology Center, took part in the 48th Anniversary Celebrations of CIT.

Zhao Rixing hosting the forum "The Prospect of More Higher Vocational Education Exchanges 
between Taiwan & China Mainland”

During the celebrations, Zhao also hosted a well attended forum entitled “The Prospect of More Higher Vocational  Education Exchanges between Taiwan & China Mainland”. While there, Zhao also had a warm conversation with the HZU exchange students, who are studying at CIT, encouraging them to continue studying hard and to uphold a      high standard on behalf of HZU.

A group picture of Zhao Rixing with HZU exchange students at CIT

Established in 1964, CIT currently has about ten thousand students on campus. Its former name “Chihlee              Commercial Junior College” was changed to “Chihlee Institute of Technology” in 2000. CIT is rated as the most     popular university of science and technology in Taiwan and recently won the award of “Outstanding Technology     Services Teaching University”. 

Zhao exchanging ideas with the directors of universities in Taiwan

CIT has also been rated the best Taiwan technology institute with “Outstanding and Teaching Plan” in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Each year they won “Three Highs” – high quality of certificates, high graduate employment   levels and high satisfaction from employers.

HZU Deputy Secretary Zhao Rixing giving souvenir to CIT

In 2010, HZU signed an agreement on academic cooperation, exchange and communication with CIT, which has     provided our students with a chance to study at CIT. Three groups of students have already been to CIT to study so far. At present, there are four HZU students studying at CIT. 


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