A Delegation from Garment Department HZU Visits HK

Recently, a delegation from Garment Department of HZU paid a visit to Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU). Ou Weiwen, Professor from Textile and Clothing Department of HKPU, met the delegation and both sides had a       conversation. Ou gave a brief introduction of the history, teaching scale, major programs, teaching and scientific     research in HKPU. After the meeting, the delegation walked around the campus of HKPU and they were impressed  by the rich teaching resources, advanced equipments, the whole English teaching mode, and the wide and clean    Activity Center in HKPU.

On the second day, with a warm welcome from Program Director Dr. Ou Zhijiang, the delegation visited Hong       Kong Clothing Industry Training Bureau (HKCITB). During the discussion, Dr. Ou gives a detailed introduction of    the mode, curriculum, collaborative programs with foreign universities, and scientific cooperation with enterprises   in HKCITB. The advanced 3DknitCAD knitting specifications computer software system, teaching environment and   progressive teaching principles especially the integration of enterprises, universities and institutions are worth         learning.

This trip not only helped broaden the teachers’ horizon but also gave them some directions on their future             development.

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