Teaching Team of Garment Department HZU Visits Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute of Intimate Apparel

On January 8th, six teachers of the Intimate Apparel Teaching Reform Group of the Costume Digitalized Technology Program from the HZU Garment and Engineering Department visited, and discussed exchanges with, Hong Kong Polytechnic (HKPU) ACE Style Institute of Intimate Apparel.

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 Prof Yu Yongwen, President of the ACE Style Institute of Intimate Apparel, had a talk with the faculty of HZU. Besides, Professor Yu   presented a detailed introduction regarding the arrangements of the major courses, enterprises’ supports, students’ participation in           competitions, and the awards offered by the Institute of Intimate Apparel.


The teachers of the two universities exchanged ideas and methodologies on the ways of teaching, evaluation and assessments in the          intimate apparel profession. Discussions also included students’ participation in both domestic and foreign intimate apparel competitions. After these conversations, HZU teachers also visited the CAD teaching laboratory and watched the design operations using the French  Lectra System. The Institute of Textiles and Garments at HKPU contains six program orientations, one of which is the Intimate Apparel Program undertaken to develop a more professional approach to the design and making of intimate apparel.


The advanced garment design and manufacturing, the integrated facilities, the beautiful conceptual environment, as well as the internationalized teaching philosophy of the ACE Style Institute of Intimate Apparel, are worthy of HZU attention and imitation. The in-depth faculty and staff exchanges between our two universities have been playing an active role in the development and improvement of the intimate    apparel program in the Garment Design and Engineering Department at HZU.


HKPU has proven to be an excellent mentor, partner and stimulus to the HZU Garment Design and Engineering Department                  development and expansion. 


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