Japan Sapporo University Professor Quan Jingshi Visits HZU

On January 9, Professor Quan Jingshi, from Sapporo University, Hokkaido, Japan, visited HZU with his students. President Peng          Yonghong and Director Lin Hong, Foreign Affairs Office, gave a warm reception to the delegation. Their discussions focused mainly on   student exchanges and various forms of possible academic cooperation between Sapporo University and HZU.


Professor Quan Jingshi has been teaching Chinese Culture and Chinese Language at Sapporo University. Currently, he is the guest          professor at Zhejiang Gong Shang University while pursuing his doctors degree at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in               Guangzhou.


As a representative of Sapporo University, Prof Quan and the two leaders from HZU took their first steps towards students exchanges   for this year. Sapporo University will send students to HZU to learn Chinese and Sapporo will also receive two or three students who    are majoring in Japanese from HZU to study for one year at Sapporo.


Sapporo University is the second university from Japan that has begun to build a friendly relationship with HZU. Prof Quans trip to HZU will help to establish a solid foundation for strengthening the relationship between HZU and universities in Japan.


                                                    President Peng ( Left ) and Professor Quan Jingshi

Bunkyo University was the first Japanese university to have established student exchanges with HZU in 2010.

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