Tourism Department Visits City University of Macau

January 11-- A delegation of 17 staff from the Tourism Management Department of HZU paid a visit to the City University of Macau   (CUM) in order to observe and understand some of CUMs advanced  teaching, commercial tourism collaboration experiences, and     workplace demonstration concepts. While in Macau, HZU staff attended a workshop sponsored by the International Tourism &           Management Department of CUM.

                                                                         Having a meeting

Professor Liang Wenhui, Vice-President of CUM, extended a warm welcome to the HZU delegation. Dr. Gao Yan, Dean of Course    Coordination from CUM, presented an introduction to the CUM educational history, unique program characteristics, and outstanding      faculty of the International Tourism & Management Department.


Deputy Director of the CUM Administration, Gao Junhui concluded the workshop by sharing a video with the HZU visiting faculty, made by CUM students, that showed the enthusiasm, interest and skills of both the faculty and students for the high quality program that they    offer.


Later, during the visit, the delegation from the Tourism Management Department at HZU made a visit to the tourism labs, classrooms,     and training facilities. Also, HZU faculty studied, first hand, CUMs teaching modes, course structures and cooperative commercial          programs with primary tourism employers in Macau.


At the conclusion of the visit to Macau, the Party Secretary from the Tourism Department HZU briefly introduced the HZU educational   history of the Tourism Management, the faculty, and the underlying pedagogy of the department.


The Party Secretary cited the large number of new primary tourism and commercial partners in Huizhou and the immediate area, as well as the burgeoning tourism secondary industrial growth as reasons for HZU optimism about the prospects for future growth of the Tourism Management Department.


                                                       a group picture of the teachers from HZU and CUM

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