HZU Students Comment on Life at American University

Two third-year students from HZU have been at the University of Houston¡ªDowntown on a one-year exchange program.
HZU and University of Houston¡ªDowntown signed an exchange agreement this year.
Under the agreement, the American university began receiving students from HZU in March of this year. HZU selected 2 junior students to take part in the program based on their individual applications and an assessment of their academic performance and comprehensive abilities.
The following are some comments sent by email on the HZU students¡¯ experiences in the American university.
"The university provides such a multicultural environment. The professors are very nice and friendly here, and we are trying our best to adapt."
"What completely new experiences, new life, and new attitude! I am looking forward to every brand new day!"
"It is like a global village here with students from many places around the world including the UK, Germany, France, Holland, Vietnam, and China. We all have different cultural backgrounds and communication has not been so easy, but above all we respect each other and live in harmony here. An understanding heart plays a vital part."

For more about their life, please visit: http://guhuagh.blog.163.com/ & http://blog.sina.com.cn/shelleyxieli123

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