HZU Signs a Cooperation Agreement with FITM and the IMD, CUM

              HZU signed a cooperation agreement with the FITM and the IMD (Institute of Macau Development) 

           which assures future cooperation between  the FITM and IMD of City University. The cooperation

            agreement covers the recommendation of excellent students, exchanges of teachers and students,

            training base establishment together, and academic researches.


            Founded in 1981, City University of Macau has become the first official university, set up by the

            Chinese people in Macao.  City University of   Macau is characterized by a history of 30 years with a

             population of more than 7,000 students and a comprehensive set of degree programs, including doctoral,

             masters and bachelor's degrees. Besides, the University has its traditional strengths in lifelong education,

             distance learning and Portuguese programs. For over three decades,the University has cultivated a large

             number of professional talents for Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China and Southeast Asia, and made

             contributions to the development of higher education in Macau.

                                                                         two sides signing an agreement

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