MMU Vice President visits HZU


              On the afternoon of April 22rd, Dennis Dunn, Vice President of Manchester Metropolitan University,

              Britain, gave a wonderful speech on “who can be the winner of global economy” at the Library

              Academic Hall. Yang Haitao, Party Secretary of HZU, Liu Guodong, HZU Vice President, staff

              from FAO and foreign teacher Dr. Ogden attended the lecture, along with students from Department

              of Economy and Management and Department of Foreign Languages. Vice President Liu hosted the



              Professor Dunn first introduced India and China in the eyes of westerners, and then presented the

              economic development of America, one that represents the biggest economic system in the world.

              Later, he compared India, America and China in terms of literate people, Internet users, laboring

              population, import and export trade, and then concluded that China and India are countries that

              have huge potential for further development. Meanwhile, he also summarized the economic

              development and challenges India and China are facing, pointing out that the GDP of China is

              second highest in the world and economic level is increasing; however, sustainable development

              should be taken into account during the economic construction of China.


              During the interactive session, Professor Dunn put forward the question of “China and India

              who can bid for the global economic leadership” to the students who attended the meeting,

              and he guided students to think about how to face the challenges in order to put our country’s

              economy in a dominant position. Students answered the question enthusiastically and the present

              atmosphere was pretty active.


              Professor Dennis Dunn is the Vice President in the University of Manchester city for international

              affairs and the director of the Institute of Finance and Economics as well as an expert in the field

              of business information, because of his contribution to the cause of higher education, he has been

              awarded the medal of the British Empire. He served as the consultant for several large companies

              in Britain, at the same time he was also the visiting professor of some universities in China,

              the Czech Republic and other countries.




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