Vice President Lai Meiqin Visits the Illed Foreign Teacher


              On April 26th, the vice president of Huizhou University, Lai Meiqin visited Ronald Crabb, one

              foreign teacher who was suffering illness and under treatment in Huizhou First Hospital. Accompanied

              by the heads of different departments including Foreign Affairs Office, Human Resources, and

              Labor Union, Lai enquired about Ronald’s condition and urged him to have good rest. Besides,

              Lai sent her best wishes for Ronald’s recovery and sent condolences to him.


              Ronald, one foreign teacher from the USA, was now hospitalized because of the disease of urinary

              one month ago. During his postoperative starvation, his gastritis was deteriorating and finally became

              gastric ulcer. Unfortunately, a massive hemorrhage suddenly happened to him. After a second surgery,

              his life is no longer in danger. Unluckily, 80% of his stomach was taken off. Ronald’s disease was

              highly cared by the leaders of Foreign Affairs Office, the Department of Foreign Languages, and

              anyone who heard of his illness. At the night of Ronald’s first surgery, the head of Foreign Affairs

              Office went to visit him and arranged student assistants to help with his recovery after finishing the

              operation. Ronald deeply appreciated the solicitude and assistance. He said that HZU makes him

              feel like home. As soon as He gets well, he will stay at HZU and work harder. With the help of

              leaders, faculty and students of HZU, Ronald’s condition became steady and he is gradually



              In recent years, in order enhance its internationalized education, Huizhou University has been recruiting

              more and more foreign teachers and offering comfortable living environment and humanism caring to

              ensure that they could live healthily and work reassuringly.


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