Seminar on Students’Overseas Social Practice



              On April 25th, Huizhou University organized and held a seminar on college students’ overseas

              working. The deputy secretary of HZU, Mr. Zhao, hosted this seminar, with many other staff

              attended, including representatives from Foreign Affairs Office, the Chinese & Foreign Service,

              Youth League committee, and counselors from different departments.


              During the conference, the representative from FAO introduced the achievements of overseas

              social practice, saying “we have succeeded in organizing increasing more students to participate

              SWT project in the past few years.” After that, the representative of CSC introduced students two

              new projects called “Sociological Research in America” and “Professional Research Overseas for

              International Students”. The SRA features the theme “differences between Chinese and American

              culture and mutual exchange”, and will provide students with an opportunity to do practical survey

              and research in USA for 21 days. By participating in various kinds of activities such as social

              researches, course discussion, exchange activities on American folk life, and top universities

              sightseeing, participants can enrich work experience, broaden horizons and cultivate minds.

              For instance, PROIS is a major-oriented project which focuses on providing professional courses,

              academic discussions, expert lectures, laboratory research, enterprise visits and vacation planning.

              This will not only build teachers and students an excellent platform for self-improvement, but also

              give ideas and direction for those students who are ready to pursue further education overseas.

              Meanwhile, the project will also help students to better choose a major abroad, get accustomed to

              local life and further improve themselves.


              Zhao Rixing, the Vice Secretary, gave praise to the fruitful cooperation between Foreign Affair

              Office (FAO) and Chinese & Foreign Service, hoping that counselors in each department could

              publicize and get full prepared for overseas social practice, responsibly and positively.


              It’s reported that in the past four years, over 80 students of Huizhou University, have already

              successfully participate in the exchange activity. This year, nearly 40 students have enrolled. Most

              of former participants thought very highly of this activity, and they wished to apply for it again.



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