A Delegation from CapU Canada Visits HZU



              During May 5th and 9th, a delegation of teachers and students from Capilano University, Canada,

              visited HZU. The delegation was warmly welcomed by President Peng Yonghong and staff of

              Foreign Affairs Office of HZU. The meeting mainly focused on the characteristics of higher education

              between China and west, the differences in the development of students and so on. During the talk,

              the delegation was interested in the calligraphic work called “Ning jing zhi yuan”, and President Peng

              also introduced the profound cultures of Chinese calligraphy for them.


              On the night of May 6th, nearly one hundred students from the Chinese Department, Foreign Language

              Department, Economy and Management Department and Tourism Department participated in

              the “English Corner” with the delegation. The activity was enjoyed by the students and the teachers,

              and they shared their understanding of the culture, and feelings about study and living.


              On the night of May 7, a communicative meeting held by the Association of Cultural Exchange with

              Foreign Countries at Room 404 in Building 1 attracted many students. Three representatives from

              Capilano University introduced their campus and the students from HZU also introduced Chinese

              students’ colorful lives on campus.


              During the communication, the performances of Guzheng and Hulusi by  Luo Yu from Music

              Department and Xie Bijuan from Chinese Department demonstrated the unique charm of Chinese

              classical musical instruments, then the students from calligraphy association showed some calligraphic

              works which made the atmosphere reach a climax. Under the instruction of our students, our foreign

              friends also picked up the brush and practiced calligraphy happily.


              The delegation visited TCL headquarters, Kande Hotel, Huamao Shopping Mall and other well-known

              enterprises, and went sightseeing of various spots in Huizhou. They visited the Yiwu Wholesale

              Market, witnessing and experiencing the achievements of China's reform and opening-up.


              It is reported that our university established a friendly relationship with Capilano University in 2009

              and received the first batch of visitors from Capilano University in 2010.


              So far, our university has received four groups from Capilano University, which has deepened the

              communication and learning of both sides.



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