Jamestown College Delegation Visits HZU



              A delegation from Jamestown College in America (JC) visited HZU on May 19th. President Peng

              Yonghong gave the delegation a warm reception and both sides later joined all kinds of activities



              On the night of 21st, President Peng and the delegation met for dinner, sharing the experience on

              the teaching and development.


              On the night of 22nd and 23rd , teachers and students from different departments of HZU took part

              in the English Conner held in the Video Conference Room of the Administration Building, and they

              also attended the cultural exchange meeting at Room 502 building 1. In the event, students from two

              sides introduced the history of their schools as well as their current campus life. The differences and

              similarities on daily living and studying between Chinese and American students were discussed. Most

              students from JBC particularly shared their experiences and ideas about their part-time jobs. For this,

              our foreign teacher Lynn said, many Chinese graduates lack work experience because they do not pay

              much attention to social practice. He also expressed his hope that the exchange can be a rich source of

              inspiration for students from our university. The exchange has achieved significant success and played

              a positive role in promoting the relationship between the two universities.


              The delegation visited different courses given by professors of HZU and attended many lectures, such

              as Chinese Music, Chinese Knot and Chinese Calligraphy, etc. They also visited Huizhou NO.1 middle

              school,  Huiyang Hakka Round House, Huinan Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Huizhou Zhongcheng

              Electronic Science and Technology Company, etc. After the visits,  the delegation has a better

              understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and economy   HZU has established friendly

              relationship with Jamestown Business College since 2009. Three teachers have been arranged to teach

              Chinese in JBC and there will be one more this year. This is the first time the JBC Delegation has

              come to HZU and two sides will seek further cooperation in various fields in the future.








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