Gathering and Promoting Internationalization


              The night of June 17th, 2013,the Banqueting hall on the second floor of Dong Seng Seafood Restaurant 

              was full of joyfulness. HZU held a dinner party with the Foreign Teachers, celebrating the end of the

              Academic Year 2012-2013. Thirty or so people including the secretary of the Party committee,

              Yang Haitao, the head of the Foreign Affairs Office, all the foreign teachers and some of their families

              took part in the gathering.


              The party was cheerful and relaxed. At the very beginning, Secretary Yang Haitao delivered a warm

              speech. Fist of all, he was positive about all the foreign teachers’ hard work in teaching and academic

              research over the past year. At the same time, he spoke highly of the positive contributions that foreign

              teachers have made to promote the education internationalization. He also mentioned that it’s not easy

              for foreign teachers to leave their homelands, but they overcome many difficulties in daily life and

              the cultural shock. Instead, they adapted to it and actively engaged in HZ and HZU. HZU will go

              further to provide better living conditions and working environment for foreign teachers, It was

              Secretary Yang’s hope that foreign teachers can still take HZU as “second homeland”, living a happy

              life and converting joint efforts for HZU,


              After that, Ronald Crabb, an American teacher who just recovered from sickness, presented a Letter of

              Gratitude and a nice gift with his wife. The gift was an embroidered painting sewed by his wife.

              Ronald, who teaches in the FLD, has been under treatment in hospital for 4 months. Under the care

              of party leaders at all level, teachers as well as students, Ronald eventually succeeded in conquering

              the disease and recovered well. Now he returns to work. He expressed his appreciations for the care and

              support from HZU which helped him get through it and reobtained vigor and confidence, and he said

              that he was willing to work here to devote himself to the development of HZU. In addition 关秀一,the

              Japanese teacher, and Lance, the American teacher, spoke on the behalf of both new and old foreign

              teachers, expressing their appreciation for the high attention and attentive care as always given by HZU.

              They also invited all the foreign teachers to toast for the better development and construction of HZU,

              and also wished the bright future of the university. Afterthe party, Secretary Yang Haitao took a group

              picture of all the foreign teachers.


              It’s reported that HUZ is developing rapidly in introducing more foreign teachers and enhancing the

              education internationalization. At present, there are 35 foreign teachers, mainly from Canada, America,

              British, Ireland, Australia and other countries.






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