The Korea Tortoise Tail University visits HZU



              On May 24, the delegation from Tortoise Tail University came to visit Huizhou University, and

              had discussion on the cooperation between Tortoise Tail University and HZU. President

              Peng Yonghong met the delegation, altogether with the head of the FAOthe representative from 

              the Department of Computer department and other staff.


              After the discussion, the two universities made a preliminary agreement, proposing  that from this

              summer HZU would send 10 sophomores from Computer Science Department to study in Tortoise 

              Tail University. After a year and a half’s overseas study, all these ten students will be awarded both 

              College diplomas from Tortoise Tail University and HZU, and they will have opportunities to work in

              Samsung Huizhou after graduation.


              After the meeting, visitors of Tortoise Tail University, by the company of staff of HZU, came to visit

              classrooms of Computer Department, talked with students, introduced them the joint project, and

              answered students’ questions.


              Tortoise Tail University is the first Korean college that establishes friendly relations with HZU. By this

              trip, HZU starts to build up friendship between Tortoise Tail University.


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