A Visitation to MMU and RSD in England


              From the June 19th to 23rd, Secretary Yang Haitao, along with representative from Garment

              Department and FAO, paid a visit to Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and Royal

              Society of Dyeing (RSD).


              In Manchester, Sectary Yang had meetings respectively with Professor Dennis Dun---the vice

              president of MMU International Affairs, Professor Colin Renfrew, Professor Ruth Ashford and

              Professor David Crow. They reviewed the cooperative programs in the last five years and agreed

              that both sides had established a favorable platform for cooperation, which laid a foundation for

              future cooperation and the improvement of cooperative levels.


              Therefore, Yang came up with three cooperative thoughts: firstly, the cooperative projects should be

               launched as soon as possible. Such as visitation of teachers, postgraduate entrance exams, scientific

              research cooperation, the establishment of International Fashion Academy and the reinforcement of

              cooperation with famous enterprises were included. The second one was to revive the cooperative

              education programs. The last one was to extend the cooperation model to Academy of Arts and

              Academy of Law and Business.


              In Bradford, with the company of the chairman of RSD Richard Straughan, EVP Andrew Filarowski

              and Marketing Manager Tracy Cochrane, Secretary Yang visited the headquarters of RSD and learnt

              the development of RSD. Both sides had a discussion about the International Fashion Design Contest

              held by RSD and the Clothing International BBS held in HZU at the end of this year. During the

              discussion, the leaders of RSD expressed a keen interest in HZ and HZU. Mr. Staughan hoped to attend

              the International BBS and give a speech on the opening ceremony. Moreover, he made a preliminary

              decision that the International Fashion Design Contest of RSD would be hosted by HZU next year.



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