A Lecture of English Study Given by the Dean of Jamestown College



              On the evening of June 25th, Kate, the Dean of Foreign Language Department of Jamestown

              College, America, gave a lecture about “the Best Practice for the Second Language Learning” in

              the library lecture hall.


              Through using straightforward expressions to define the immersion and submersion, Kate introduced

              the differences between second language learning and foreign language learning. She also pointed out

              that the teaching principle of immersion lies in content and cooperative learning, from which learners’

              bilingual ability can be improved.


              Having illustrated the operation of Forest Lake, Middlebury College and the quality teaching of

              CARLA with humorous language, Kate has also encouraged teachers and students to make a good

              use of websites such as Concordia College and CoBaLTT in learning English. Besides, she also

              proposed that it would be a good choice for people to learn English in low pressure and real

              communicative occasions, which could help teachers and students develop a good command of target

              language. After introducing the strategies of improving English learning, Kate interacted with all

              teachers and students.


              After the lecture, the students gained a deeper understanding of English learning: English learning

              should be an interesting subject instead of a rigid discipline. Students should make a good use of

              network sources, explore its value and improve their ability of using English to communicate.



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