Graduates from Garment Department Retailing attended the graduation ceremony held in Hong Kong


              On June, 29, the heads of Garment Department accompanied the 2013 graduates majoring in  Retailing 

              of Garment Department went to Hong Kong and attended the 2013 clothing retailing course’s graduation

              ceremony held in Hong Kong’s Clothing Training Bureau. Before the ceremony, Mr.Liang, the CEO

              of Xuri Group, firstly showed the teachers and students around the headquarters of Xuri Group in Hong



           In the ceremony, the Secretary of General Party branch of Garment Department expressed great 

              appreciation to the contributions made by Xuri Group and Clothing Training Bureau for the graduates.

              Meanwhile, he proposed sincere wishes for the graduates. A brief retrospect of the development of the

              course of Garment Department was made by the General Secretary of Clothing training Bureau, professor

              Yang Guorong and the CEO of Xuri Group Mr.Liang, and they gave enough compliment to our great

              efforts and extended best wishes to the graduates. At last, students gave their gifts made by themselves

              to the staff of Clothing Training Bureau, and received diplomas awarded by Clothing Training Bureau.


              After the ceremony, the teachers and students, led by the teachers from training Bureau, investigated

              the dress and personal adornment of Hong Kong and viewed clothing designing competition held by

              graduates of 2013 of Clothing Training Bureau in the Hong Kong Creative Center. Having enjoyed this

               journey, students from our university have greatly figured out the situation of clothing industry in

              Hong Kong, as well as the retailing and the skills and achievements made by the graduates from

              Hong Kong.


              It is reported that the clothing retailing course was set up by Hui Zhou University, Xi Fang GuangDong

              Clothing University, Xuri Group of Hong Kong and Clothing training Bureau, and the course started in

              Mar.2010. So far, Clothing Training Bureau has started ten courses, including customers’ behavior

              in clothing, the introduction of clothing retailing, clothing purchase, marketing selling and extending,

              analysis of clothing fashion, clothing retailing, distribution and logistics of clothing products, international

              clothing retailing, selling administration and the display of clothing products.


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