Youth Summer Camp of Guangdong and Taiwan visits HZU



              The “Youth Summer Camp of Guangdong and Taiwan” organized by Asia-Pacific Institute of Creativity” 

           visited HZU in the afternoon of 29th August. The Camp visited HZU and had a conference in Room 202 

           of the Administration BuildingThe meeting was attended by leaders of Taiwan Affair Office of Huizhou 

           Party Committee, representatives from FAO, several teachers of HZU, and students who are preparing to 

           study in Taiwan.


          During the conference, the leader from FAO extended warm welcome to the Camp and introduced them 

          the history and development status of HZU. Chen Qiaosheng, the Vice Director of Taiwan Affair Office 

          of Huizhou Party Committee talked the communication between Huizhou and Taiwan in terms of 

          education, culture, academy and trade, and he also emphasized the importance of enhancing the 

          communication between these two places. Lian Buming, the Vice Director of Asia-Pacific Institute of  

          Creativity, introduced the status quo of the Institute and the exchange projects in recent years.


         Twenty university students from Taiwan and students of HZU who are preparing to study in Taiwan had 

         an active interaction, which would broaden the horizon of students of both sites and strengthen the 

         established relationships.






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