Orientation for New Foreign Teachers


              On the afternoon of September 11th, orientation for new foreign teachers took place

              in Administration Building Room 408, attended by Lucy Lin, Director of FAO; Lynn,

              Advisor of Foreign Affairs, representatives of experienced foreign teachers, fresh

              foreign teachers, and staff of FAO.


              At the meeting, Director Lin extended the warmest welcome to the coming of the new

              foreign teachers, and she also introduced them basic situation of the University, situation

              of FAO and its staff. Regarding housing issues, which are concerned by most foreign

              teacher, Director Lin said that FAO would endeavor to provide all foreign teachers with

              kind accommodation conditions by working and coordinating with other departments in

              HZU, and she sincerely hoped that foreign teachers could be cooperative through the

              process of solving problems.


              Meanwhile, Director Lin introduced the fresh teachers to the solutions for issues arisen

              from working and living because of the cultural and language difference. Lynn, Advisor

              of Foreign Affairs, elaborated on different situated solutions for tackling the problems

              based on his working and living experience in HZU. He spoke highly of the tolerance

              and open-mindedness of the staff in HZU. Lynn said that he found, after working and

              living in more than 40 cities in 10 countries and districts, HZU is the best place to work

              at, hoping the foreign teachers to cherish the opportunity of working at HZU.


              Additionally, Director Lin encouraged foreign teachers to participate in academic or

              cultural exchange activities organized by HZU or Huizhou government, such as the

              English Corner or the English Salon. Speaking of this, Derek, one representative of

              experienced teachers, said that the English Salon is an activity which could not only

              help foreign teachers know more about Huizhou, but also improve their presentation



              Next, R.C., an American teacher who just recovered from a severe disease, expressed a

              heartfelt gratitude to the concern from the University and FAO. He told the foreign

              teachers how the help and care he received from the leaders of HZU, the Alumni of

              HZU and some students get him through the tough situation. In the meantime, R.C.

              said that he will be willing to help foreign teachers with accidental major diseases in



              It is reported that HZU recruited 10 new foreign teachers this term, and most of them

              are from the US, UK and Ireland. The coming of them would be a new source of

              power to promote the internationalization of the University.





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