Four Students from HZU Obtain an Opportunity to Study in Kumoh National Institute of Technology

         On the morning of 27th, September, led and escorted by Professor Jeon Ting Kuan, a professor of the Department of

         Industrial Management at Kumoh National Institute of Technology, four students from the Computer Science Department

         at Huizhou University were heading towards Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT) in Korea, commencing their

         tuition-free overseas study in Korea that would last one and a half year. It is reported that Samsung (Huizhou) Electronic

         Company plays a crucial role in promoting and precipitating the success of this event. Director Peng Gang, Dean of Computer

         and Science Department at HZU said that the opportunity of studying abroad would not only broaden students’ horizons, but

         also bring advantages of developing practical talents with international insights.



Samsung (Huizhou) assisted Kumoh National Institute of Technology in Recruiting

Chinese Students

         Samsung (Huizhou) Electronic Company is the indispensible part of the event. It is reported that Kumoh National Institute of

         Technology has been supplying talents of technology and electronics to headquarter of Samsung (Huizhou) Electronic

         Company, the one that is located in Gumi City. In May this year, in hope of enlarging recruitment of students, KIT asked

         Samsung (Huizhou) to recommend qualified Chinese university students to study in KIT with exempt tuition. The reasons for

         choosing students at Huizhou University are two-fold. Firstly, as reported by the representative of Samsung (Huizhou), due to

         the fact that some managerial staff in Samsung (Huizhou) have been learning Chinese effectively from several teachers at HZU,

         they recognize the faculty of HZU and believe that students taught by the teachers at HZU would be qualified enough to meet

         standards set by KIT; secondly, in the past decades, students from HZU who had their internships in Samsung (Huizhou) were

         welcomed and praised by leaders of the Company. For the two reasons above, KIT determined to pick the most suitable

         students from HZU to participate in the project.  


         After receiving recommendations from Samsung (Huizhou) Electronic Company, Professor Jeon visited HZU in person in May

         and had a further discussion regarding recruitment issues. Professor Jeon said that what moved him a lot was HZU teachers’

         passion and enthusiasm for promoting the event. During his visit, he specifically observed students’ classes. “It was very hot

         and people would easily feel sleepy”, he said, “but no student slept and the atmosphere was great. Besides, I didn’t see any

         student smoking in the corridor, the environment of teaching building was tidy and clean”. For these reasons, reported by

         Professor Jeon, he finally agreed to recruit students at HZU.


Four Students out of Twenty-One were Selected

         In June, the Computer and Science Department at HZU embarked on choosing students for the program. To be fair and open,

         students enrolled by the University in 2011 studying their associate degree were suggested to apply for the program voluntarily.

         At the end of the application, there were in total 21 students showing willingness to study abroad at KIT. Thereafter, interviews

         were organized by the Department, aiming for the most suitable candidates. Dean Peng Gang pointed out that qualified

         candidates should firstly be persons of virtue; secondly, they should have decent academic strength, and lastly, they should be

         mature enough to withstand academic or living pressure. Based on these three specific standards, the Department selected 12

         students out of 21, and ultimately 4 students were finalized followed by the further selection organized by Samsung (Huizhou).

         The representative of Samsung (Huizhou) indicated that this is the first time that Samsung (Huizhou) has coordinated with HZU

         and KIT regarding selecting students to study overseas with tuition exemption, and he hoped that such cooperation could be



Instructions given by Professor Jeon

         On 26th September, Professor Jeon had a mini-meeting with the four lucky students, and briefed the students in person on the

         arrangements of their study, accommodation and food, and they flew back to Korea together. Professor Jeon suggested the

         students devote themselves to study, be brave to accept challenges, participate in schools’ activities and make friends with local

         students, all of which could to a great degree enhance their overall competiveness.


         Actually, three days before their embarkation, FAO of HZU and the Computer and Science Department have already given

         instructions to the four students. A representative of FAO reported that when studying and living abroad, students should always

         remember that their words may be understood as representing Chinese people, and building up a good reputation is critical

         both for the University and our motherland.







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