Doctor from Politics and Law Department Attends the International Academic Seminar

           From October 9th to 11th, Dr. Wan Qizhou from the Department of Politics and Law attended the International

           Academic Seminar on Chinese Legal History in Hangzhou. The Chinese Legal History Association and Hangzhou

           Normal University hosted the seminar, featuring the theme of the Wisdom of Chinese Traditional Law and the Improvement

           of Hundred Years of Transplant Legal Localization. More than 200 scholars and experts from home and abroad

           have been attracted to attend the seminar and they had a heated discussion on many academic issues. During the seminar,

           Dr. Wan Qizhou exchanged ideas, with Professor Huang Yuansheng from Taiwan Politics University, about Chinese

           Translation of Western Legal Terminology. Professor Huang also gave a kind and warm invitation to Dr. Wan for

            conducting further research in Taiwan.

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