Four Foreign Teachers Took Part in the Commencement of Week of Happy Guangdong

           In the morning of 30th September, the 2013 Happy Guangdong ¨C the 2nd Guangdong Community

           Gala commenced at Bingjiang Park, Huizhou, making the park full of joy and livening festive

           atmosphere up. The event was attended by leaders from Huizhou municipal government and

           Communist Party Committee Huizhou, as well as members of CPPCC Huizhou, and Standing

           Committee of Guangdong.


           Four foreign teachers from our university¡ªDr.Lynn, Michael, Adam and Kelly were cordially invited

           to participate in this event by the organizer. They sang songs and interacted with the audience, expressing

           their happiness of working in Huizhou and appreciation of Huizhou¡¯s gorgeous scenery and kind-hearted



           It is reported that the 2nd Week of Happy Guangdong features a theme of Harmony, Civilization, Health

           and Happiness, aiming to organize a province-wide gala of rich and healthy contents for Huizhou citizens,

           from which the spirit of self-discipline, self-education and self-service could be spread. Giving invitation

           to foreign teachers indicated the inclusiveness of Huizhou¡¯s culture and general recognition of foreign

           teachers¡¯ contributions to Huizhou¡¯s development.







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