The University Holds College Students Oversea


          On Oct 21st in the afternoon, College Students Oversea Social Practice Mobilization Meeting

          in 2014 was held in Conference Room 202 of Administration building. Vice-secretary of Party

          Committee, Zhao Rexing, all members of Youth League Committee and Foreign Affairs Office,

          as well as all counselors attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the head of

          Youth League Committee .


          The head of Foreign Affairs Office pointed out that Overseas Social Practice Project aimed to

          cultivate college students with international vision. Its objective was to provide students with

          opportunities to understand foreign culture, to experience different life styles in foreign countries

          and to be internships together with international students from other countries in foreign enterprises.

          To participate in Overseas Social Practice, it is beneficial for students to accumulate internship

          experience, improve students' employment competitiveness, improve students' oral English

          communication ability, develop students' independent abilities and build up self-confidence, etc.


          Vice-secretary Zhao considered that Oversea Social Practice played an important part in

          internationalizing our university’s education. It’s of benefit to promote the process of school

          education internationalization and all departments should pay attention to it. He hoped that all

          academic departments would intensify publicity and encourage excellent students to participate in

          this activity. He hoped students who participated in Oversea Social Practice could learn to live,

          learn to manage and learn to self-protection, exercise actively as well as improve their overall quality.


          It is said that in addition to continuing the paid internship program in the United States, which

          started in the summer of 2009  ( more than 120 students have attended the project so far), our

          university also launched young teachers and students social research in the United States and

          another paid internship program to Japan in summer . The two projects to the United States will

          start to receive application on the 27th of this month, and the project to Japan will start later.



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