Leaders of Two Universities in Taiwan Visited Huizhou University

           On Oct.22 in the afternoon, President of Taiwan Asia-pacific Creative Technical College, Liu

           Shaowen, director of Zhili Technical College and Cross-Strait Exchanges Department, Wang

           Zhengxu, came to our university with a group of scholars for academic visit. They were warmly

           received by our president, Peng Yonghong, and leaders from Foreign Affairs Office and other

           departments. Then our university signed up academic communication and cooperation agreement

           with Asia-pacific Creative Technical College.


           President Peng introduced university history, the goals of the University, characteristics of

           management and so forth to the leader of Asia-pacific Creative Technical College. He spoke

           highly of management characteristics in Taiwan colleges which unite the essence in the East and

           the West. He also indicated that our university had established cooperative relations with 9

           universities in Taiwan including Zhili technical college. At the same time, he hoped our university

           to conduct in-depth cooperation with Taiwan universities in art design, digital media and so on.


           President Liu Shaowen introduced their school-running conditions and focused on "Tea and Ceramic"

           major which blended with the art of tea and ceramic. President Liu hoped universities in Taiwan and

           Huizhou could strengthen exchanges, and then promote the development of universities by conducting

           in-depth cooperation.


           Wang Zhengxu discussed and drew conclusion on exchange students programs which had been

           launched for many years between two universities. He spoke highly of exchange students in Huizhou

           University, saying that students in Huizhou University worked so hard that they were even complained 

           by librarians for not leaving library until they were driven by them at the time of closing library every

           night. He expected they would have more in-depth exchanges and cooperation between two



           Finally, our university reached agreements and signed up cooperation agreements with Taiwan Asia-

           pacific Creative Technical College on cooperation.


           It’s said that our university would continue to select outstanding students to go to relative colleges in

           Taiwan for communication and study next semester.






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