Happy Halloween

           October 31st, a Halloween party was held by the Tourism Department at the small theatre in front

           of Building Six. “Trick or Treat?” ------the western holiday Halloween walked into HZU.


           Walking around the square, you can see devils hanging on the both sides grinning to you and masks

           on people’s faces. There were witches, maids, princesses, vampires, zombies, knights and lots of

           “ghosts” with devil masks on the face. White Strips hanging on and a board with LET ME IN, create

           a thrilling atmosphere.


           “The candies, fruits, snacks and juice are all on the house. What’s more, there are various interesting

           games, come and join us, you can get the handmade prize if you win.” A “mummy” with bloody

           bandage introduced the booths.


           This is another way for us to get in touch with western culture. I hope every one here can have fun



           Holding a “bloody” drink in hand, the host of the party, Regina was wearing a black suit of witch with

           big smoky eyes. She hoped to improve students’ hands-on and organizing abilities by holding different

           kinds of activities. Moreover, Chinese students could experience the western culture and make more

           friends, so that they would better enjoy their college life.


           Besides cosplay, other interesting elements such as hot music, wonderful shows, hip-hop dance,

           environmental decoration and interesting games turned the small theatre into a bustling stage. “Just have

           fun! Happy Halloween!”










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