New Smester, New English Corner

           Every Wednesday night, the English Corner at the fifth floor of Xuri building is flooded with teachers

           and students, creating a spectacular and vivid learning atmosphere. The new English Corner and

           Japanese Corner, which were well arranged by FAO and Foreign Language Department, demonstrated

           a new look for the teachers and students. The first presentation of this term appealed more than 500

           students and more than 30 foreign teachers to take part in it.


           English Corner and Japanese Corner have always been the routine activities in the internationalization

           of education of our university. In the past, limited foreign teachers, loose organization, unstable

           participation of students, flat discussions of topics failed to make a passionate ending of the activity.

           Therefore, in order to inspire students to speak English or Japanese loudly and keep the passion of

           learning, the University decided to make full use of foreign teachers on campus to enrich international

           atmosphere, through which both the English and Japanese Corners could be upgraded.


           The English Corner and the Japanese Corner have thus been improved this term. Students become the

           focus of the activity. Before the activity, as introduced by RC, some students have prepared their

           interesting topics as well as designed the activity details.


           Besides, all the foreign teachers present were arranged at different classrooms for discussions and

           evaluations. Students present can choose different classrooms according to their interests. With the

           development of this activity, this arrangement not only help students figure out their most interesting

           topics on the basis of their interests but also guarantee their involvement.


           Moreover, more and more foreign teachers are present, changing the dilemma: a foreign teacher usually

           has to care for more than ten students, curtailing the opportunity enjoyed by a single student.


           Thus, all the foreign teachers are required to take part in this activity, providing as many opportunities

           as possible for students to learn and practice.


           As we can see, the foreign teachers make a good preparation for the activity; they walk into the

           students, listen to them, share their own opinions and tell the students their own customs and their daily

           life. Students listen to their teachers carefully and actively involve in the discussion.


           It is known that HZU not only pays much attention to train students to possess international vision and

           comprehensive abilities of, but also take the responsibility of servicing the society. At 14:30 on every

           Saturday afternoon, an English salon would be organized by the Science Technology Museum of Huizhou

           and HZU, creating a platform for English fans to get improvement. And this activity aims to meet all the

           citizens and offer them a chance to communicate with the foreigners face to face. Every step that the two

           parties are taking indicates a progress for the internationalization of Huizhou.












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