HZU Delegation visited Taiwan Universities

           From Nov 9th to Nov 11th, the delegation led by President Peng Yonghong visited four Taiwan

           Universities and Colleges and they received warm welcome.


           They participated in the 49th Anniversary and Celebrations of Zhili Institute of Technology, then

           visited Asia-Pacific Institute of Creativity and Ling Tung University and Chaoyang University of

           Technology. After visiting the schoolrooms, laboratories and offices of these universities, President Peng

           of HZU considered that the four Taiwan Universities have demonstrated compelling achievements in

           management and construction, integrating the fine traditions with the foreign advanced experience.


           The delegation from HZU also met up with their exchange teachers and students studying in Taiwan.

           President Peng inquired after them and also encouraged more students to go to Taiwan or other places

           to learn the local customs there.


           The visit to Taiwan is a huge success, achieving pre-setting goals, promoting the friendship between

           HZU and Taiwan universities and advancing the internationalization program.













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