Agreement Signed with Universities in Taiwan

           On the afternoon of Nov 25th, the delegation from Taiwan Ling Tung University led by Principle

           Zhao Zhiyang, Vice-Principle Yang Yonglie, and Head of the Admission Office Wu Jianzhong,

           visited HZU and received a warm welcome by delegation from HZU.


           During the visit, the delegation from Taiwan was delighted by the beauty of HZU. Conversations

           between two sides were going successfully. President Peng Yonghong introduced the situation and

           the advantages of traditional normal education to the delegation. Then they grew more interest in

           the further cooperation on advanced majors such as Art and Design, Economic and Management.

           They also had an in-depth discussion on teacher-student interaction, hoping to strengthen the

           connection between both universities.


           Later, both parties signed the agreement named “Huizhou University to Ling Tung Technology

           University Academic Cooperation”, marking the beginning of an essential cooperation.


           It is reported that Ling Tung University became the third university in Taiwan that is launching

           exchanging programs with HZU. Ling Tung University is a private university founded in 1964,

           which is located in Nan-Tun District, Taichung City, Taiwan. “Study serves the practical purpose,

           Sincere with people” is the motto of this university.


           According to the delegation, Ling Tung University has established the sister-relationship with colleges

           and universities with America, Lorea, Japan, Australia and so on as well as developing a good

           relationship with Xi’an Jiaotong University, Jinan University and BICT Beijing Institute of

           Technology, etc.







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