A Communication Meeting about Studying Abroad is Held in Garment Department by MMU Professor

            On the afternoon of Nov. 12th, a communication meeting about Garment Department students

            studying abroad was held in Garment Building by the Garment Department, and the MMU

            professor, Doctor Chan, was giving us a wonderful speech on the meeting. The head of Garment

            Department Party, the teachers and students from Garment Department attended to the meeting.


            Firstly, Professor Chan shared us with knowledge of supply chain management in fashion industry,

            and then he talked about the applications of garment industry in England under the topic of ‘Fashion

            Souring and Supply Chain management in the UK’. And then, Professor Chan introduced some basic

            situations in MMU for the students and teachers, including the history of the university, the teaching

            skills of garment major, and the employment of graduates and so on. Finally, Professor Chan also

            answered students’ questions about studying abroad.


            The speech not only let the students have a better understanding concerning studying aboard, but also

            set up a sound foundation on improving the educational level of Garment Department and cultivating

            students for oversea study.



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