Dr. Zhu from Hong Kong University Hired as a Guest Professor

         On Nov15th, at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong, the assistant

         Professor of new infectious diseases of state key laboratory, Dr. Zhu, came to our university for

         an academic report. Before the report, the vice president Liu Guodong appointed Dr. Zhu as the guest

         professor on the behalf of HZU. More than 250 teachers and students from the Life Science Department

         attended the event.


         The theme of the report was H1N1 Flu Virus. She introduced the basic situation of the key laboratory of

         emerging infectious disease and their work in the laboratory. Meanwhile, she made a deep analysis and

         interpretation about the origin and evolution of the influenza virus, influenza virus pathogenic and

         transmission mechanism. She pointed out that the influenza virus is a kind of RNA virus. It has a very

         wide range of host, which can be spread across species, and virus genes prone to antigenic drift and shift.

         Domestic duck is one of the important host virus recombination, and chicken is one of the main human

         infection H7N9 transmission sources. Through animal experiments, it has been proved that H7N9 virus was

         mainly spread by close contact, although it can spread through the air. But human-to-human transmission

         is very limited. At the same time, animal experiments had proved that the virus could infect pigs, rats and

         other mammals.


         Dr. Zhu’s report was easily understood, and let the present teachers and students have a comprehensive

         understanding about the H1N1 flu traceability, popularity and evolution. After the report, Dr. Zhu

         answered the questions from the teachers and students patiently, and interacted vividly with the audience.





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