Professor Li from University of Georgia visited HZU

           On the afternoon of Nov. 14th, Professor Li from the University of Georgia was invited by the

           Department of Physical Education. He came to our university for making a speech about the majors

           setting and career development of American sports students in Building 1 Room 108.


           The main content of the lecture was about the deep analysis about college sports between China and

           the United States. For example, the university in USA do not cultivate primary and middle school

           physical education teachers, so there is no major about sport education instead of the setting of sport

           and health; the United States pays more attention to the sports biomechanics, sports biochemistry,

           human physiology ,etc.  The speech gave the teachers and students a clear understanding about the

           sports culture between two countries, broadened the view in the field of sports, and also gave students

           a deep impression about the understanding of sports itself, inspiring them to think about their career



           Professor Li, employing his own school experience, enlightened us that no pains, no gains. He thought

           that we must be clear about what we really want. If we did not meet what we want, we just need to do

           our job well and improve our ability in the process of waiting. At the end of speech, Professor Li also

           interacted with the students.



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