The Experts on Japanese Chamber Music lecture on Music Playing Skills to our Music Students

          On November 15th, in a hope of expanding the international vision of the Music Department students

          and improve their skills, Music Department invited the experts on Japanese chamber music, Koji

          Motomura and Li Jun to hold a lecture. The administrators of Music Department and some teachers

          and students attended the lecture.


          Koji Motomura and Li Jun are famous chamber music experts in Japan, also enjoying a high reputation

          around the world.  Koji Motomura is the president of the Trumpet Association as well as the chief

          representative in Symphony Orchestra in Kyushu. Li Jun is the First Violinist in Symphony Orchestra in

          Kyushu. Both of them have attended many international performances and got rich performance



          At the lecture, they introduced the rehearsing situation about symphony orchestra and shared the basic

          principles of chamber music. They employed the vivid live performances to demonstrate how to use the

          skills to improve the playing level, and how to listen to other sound step to keep balance during the playing

          with such kind of practical and advanced ideas of playing. 


          After the lecture, they held an open rehearsal and guided students in person. All the present students

          expressed that through a close communication with international masters, they not only learned some

          practical skills, but also broadened their horizon and learned about the current advanced playing ideas,

          which helped them with their own professional learning. 






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