HZU Promotes International Exchanges and Cooperation with Japanese Sapporo University

          On November 15th, in a hope of further promoting education internationalization, HZU held a

          signing ceremony with Sapporo University. President Peng Yonghong of HZU and vice president

          Yamada ReiRyo of Sapporo University on behalf of the two universities signed a cooperation

          agreement. The main official of Sapporo University Mr Koyuki, vice presidential assistant Mr Quan,

          the head of FAO, and the Foreign Languages Department attended the ceremony.


          In the ceremony, President Peng Yonghong expressed his hearty welcome to the guests from

          Japanese Sapporo University, and introduced the basic teaching situation about HZU. Vice president

          Yamada ReiRyo also introduced the basic situation of Sapporo University: Sapporo University was

          established in 1967. The development of Sapporo University was began with science disciplines, and

          then gradually covered by some art majors.


          In recent years, Sapporo University has been diversifying the majors provided, aiming at cultivating the

          comprehensive students. According to the agreement, our university will cooperate with Sapporo

          University on exchanging teachers, as well as exchanging students and so on. In the February of 2014,

          Sapporo University will send the first batch of students to learn Chinese in our campus for a month.

          In the April of 2014, our university will send full-time students to Sapporo University for a year. It is

          known that Sapporo University is the second Japanese university cooperating with us. And this visit

          will further promote our exchanges and cooperation with Japanese universities.










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