The 2013 International Forum in Textile and Apparel

          From December 5th to 6th, the 2013 International Forum in Textile and Apparel, thematizing in

          Innovation and Perspective of Textile and Apparel, was held in HZU. Ye Yinquan, Dean of

          Department of Fashion Studies and Clothing Technology, presided over the opening ceremony. Later,

          Ni Yang, the president of China Textile and Apparel Education Society, Yang Xun, Chairman of

          Jeanswest in China and President Peng of HZU delivered their speeches respectively.


          The participants of this conference were experts, scholars and entrepreneurs, including the Society

          of Dyers and Colorists, the Textile Institute, Australian Wool Innovation, Cotton Incorporated, Hong

          Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel, Sun Rising HK Investments, China Textile and Apparel

          Education Society, Tsinghua University, Donghua University, Xi’an Polytechnic University, the Hong

          Kong Polytechnic University, South China Agricultural University. Secretary Yang, President Peng

          and Vice president Liu of HZU took part in it.


          President Peng made a brief introduction of the motto of HZU----Strenuous pursuit, elegant glory.

          Internationalizing education is an inevitable trend in constructing Chinese universities’ bright future.

          This forum will make a great significance in education internationalization of Department of FSCT, a

          department that is becoming a symbol of HZU. I hope we can make good use of this opportunity, get 

          exchanges and cooperation on international education actively, broaden teachers and students’ horizons,

          train a team of international levers and fully improve the development of personnel training.”


          Chief executive Yang, representing the Glorious Sun Enterprises Limited, gave warm congratulations.

          He mentioned that the company not only actively created the material wealth for the society but also

          dedicated in supporting the development of community services and education. This forum exactly

          fulfilled the philosophy of education internationalization of HZU, which gained the support of other

          international communities and universities, Glorious Sun included.


          President Ni, representing the China Textile and Apparel Education Society, also gave his sincere wish.

          In his speech, he said HZU was one of the earliest universities to set up garment engineering education.

          Lots of work had been done on the exploration of school-enterprise cooperation, education

          internationalization, and advanced applicative talents cultivation; lots of engineering and technical

          personnel had been trained for the development of garment industry. Moreover, he hoped that the

          forum can be a bridge between the cooperation of universities and the whole world, attracting the

          support of other international communities and institutes then promoting the internationalization on

          textile and apparel education.


          During the forum, experts and scholars from England, Australia, America, Hong Kong and Huizhou

          delivered their keynote speeches. Mr. Richard Straughan, the representative of the Society of Dyers

          and Colorists, talked about “Circular Fashion- Challenges and Achievements to date”; “A New Epoch

          of Merino Innovation” was the topic of Yang Peizhi, the representative of Australian Wool Innovation;

          the theme of Mr. Wei from Cotton Incorporated was “Cotton Incorporated Functional Fishing

          Technologies”; Ex-Vice Chairman Ruan from Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel mainly

          focused on “An Innovative Measuring Tool for Garment Industry”; Dean Ye lectured on “Integrating

          Innovations in Fashion Business”; Professor Fan from Department of FSCT made a speech on “the

          Evolution and Development of Hakka Fashion Culture” and senior engineer Chen Xuejun delivered his

          word on “Participation on the International Fabrics Design”.


          Apart from the forum, the participants paid a visit to the Fashion corridor of Department of FSCT,

          T-shirt Synergy Innovation Center, Undergarments R&D Center, Computer Flat Machine Lab, RFID

          Intelligent Garment Stimulation Shop, Clothing Hanging Lab, Interactive Video Sewing Training Hall and

          so on, impressing lots of people.


          Meanwhile, the participants visited headquarter of Jeanswest in China, located at the Huinan Industrial

          Park, Huizhou. They had a look at the Multifunctional Hall, Product Development Department, IT

          Department and Mock Store as well as had a symposium with the leaders of Jeanswest.


          This event was then reported on Guangdong TV, Nanfang Daily, Huizhou Daily, Nanfang Metropolis

          Daily and Huizhou TV.















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