The Taiwan Zhili Technical College's President Came to Our University

          In the afternoon of Dec. 13th, the president from Taiwan technical college Shang Shichang,         

          and Wang Zhengxu, the division chief from international and cross-strait exchange department

          visited our university. They all got a warm reception by President Peng yonghong, vice-president

          Liu Guodong, the director from FAO and deans from other departments. They had an informal

          meeting in Administration Building 202. Besides, 21 students who will go to Taiwan for study

          participated in the discussion.


          In the discussion, President Peng said he got a deep impression from Taiwan school-running

          characteristics when he was invited to visit 4 Taiwan colleges in the middle of November. He thought

          that remaining the good traditions of Chinese and combining the excellent experience of western

          culture is worthwhile. The vice-president Mr. Liu expressed his warm welcome for the coming

          and hoped both two colleges can get the good development through cooperation. The head of

          FAO pointed out that there were three advantages for students go to Taiwan for study: free language

          barrier, cultural convergence and low costs. And it was hoped both schools can further expand the

          cooperation channels, from students to teachers' communication.


          President Shang had a sincere talking with the students during the discussion. He indicated Zhi Li

          technical college was very glad for students' coming for study and they will try their best to offer the

          kindest coach and caring. The division chief, Mr. Wang had a communication, discussion and

          summary regarding the exchange items. He considered HZU’s students not only studied hard and got

          good grades but also loved the life in Taiwan. The Zhi Li technical college's staff all got a good

          impression of them.


          It is reported that 21 outstanding students will be chosen to go to Taiwan for study next term and 5

          of them will get a chance to study in the Zhi Li technical college.


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