Huizhou University Established Huizhou Overseas Research Center

          In the morning of February 26th, Huizhou Overseas Research Center of Huizhou University 

          establishment ceremony was held in Conference Room 202 of Administration Building. vice

          president ofGuangdong Overseas Chinese Historical Society, Professor Zhang Yinglong, Director

          of City Overseas Chinese Affais Bureau, Liu Qiaohui and Deputy Director You Xiao hui, Party

          Secretary of HZU, Yang Haitao, vice president Liu Guodong, Scientific Research Department,

          Foreign Affairs Office, Political and Law Department, heads of other departments and all members

          of the center had attended the ceremony. Also, the attended leaders witnessed the Opening

          ceremony in the center.


    Provide a Platform for the Study of  Overseas Chinese in Dongjiang River

          Zhang Yinglong said there were numerous overseas Chinese in Huizhou. Over time, overseas

          Huizhou had made a great contribution to the development of Huizhou and social economy in

          Guangdong area both in revolution period and the period of reform and opening up. The overseas 

          Chinese history of Huizhou played an important part in the study of Guangdong Overseas Chinese.

          At present, the study about overseas Chinese in Dongjiang River had just set up a little research.

          The establishment of Overseas Huizhou Research Center of Huizhou University would provide a

          good opportunity and platform for the research and strengthen the study of Guangdong Overseas

          Chinese’s current situation. He hoped the center would strengthen exchanges and cooperation,

          and would make achievements in the study of overseas Huizhou people.

City Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau Fully Support the Center

          Liu Qiaohui said, although Huizhou was a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, but there

          were obvious deficiency in related research. Huizhou University was dedicated to innovation.

          The establishment of the overseas Huizhou Research Center was to support and supplement to

          the Huizhou overseas Chinese affairs. She said, City Overseas Chinese Affairs would support

          and cooperate with the work conducted by Huizhou University-Huizhou Research Center of

          Overseas and made joint efforts to the study of Huizhou overseas Chinese.


Strengthen the Cohesion of Huizhou People Overseas and Provide Support to Governmental Decision-Making

          Spoken by Yang Haitaoparty secretary of Huizhou University, the establishment of the overseas

          Huizhou Research Center will not only attract great attention from Huizhou University and local

          leaders, but also meet the requirements of heritage of university and construction of local culture.

          As the only university of Huizhou City, the related work of studying Huizhou people overseas was

          one of the measures to promote local social economic and cultural development. Liu Guodong,

          Vice-president of Huizhou University, also said that on the studies and heritages of Guangdong

          Overseas Chinese culture and Dongjiang culture, Huizhou had an irreplaceable role. Moreover the

          cultural heritage was one of the missions borne by the University. The foundation of the overseas

          Huizhou Research Center could enhance Huizhou people overseas’ cohesion, solidarity and a sense

          of belonging, and strive to contribute to the study of Chinese overseas of Huizhou.




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