Huizhou University Welcomes the First Batch of International Exchange Students

          On February 24th, the ceremony of welcoming exchanging students from Sapporo University

          was held at Room 202 of Administrative Building. The principal assistant of Sapporo University,

          Japanese professor Quan Jingshi and 17 exchange students, who are the first batch of international

          exchange students, would launch a three-week study in Huizhou University. Vice President Liu

          Guodong, director of Foreign Affairs Office, training teachers, teachers and students from Sapporo

          University and 17 Japanese major students form Foreign Language Department in our university

          had attended the ceremony.


          Liu Guodong warmly welcomed teachers and students from Sapporo university, saying that there

          were many similarities between Huizhou University and Sapporo University, which has made it

          possible for exchanges and cooperation between two schools. The exchange students from

          Sapporo University, was the first batch of international exchange students to study at Huizhou

          University. Vice President Liu had attached great importance of the training, and equipped them

          with sound teaching conditions and excellent teachers. The training courses included primary

          Chinese language, calligraphy, Tai Chi, paper cutting and so on. The University would also show

          them around the famous enterprises in Huizhou, the tourist attractions and the Hakka architecture.


           It was reported that at the beginning of 2013, Sapporo University had begun looking for Chinese

          exchange college for home exchange students. They found that Huizhou University, regardless of

          the geographical location, climate, as well as teachers, teaching level, had reached the conditions 

           and requirements for exchange students. In the January of 2013, Professor Quan Jingshi visited

          our university. In November, the university vice president Shan Tian Ling liang and our principle

          signed two cooperation agreements. It’s the first time that our university had opened Chinese

          language training in a short term. It provided an excellent platform for the exchange students to

          learn Chinese, experience Chinese culture and further promote the University’s 



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