Director Ms. Luming Li from AACE visited HZU

          Recently, Liu Bin, the junior student from Department of Fashion Studies and Clothing Technology in

          our university, with his work Charms from Orient, won the first prize in China region of the

          International Fashion and Fabrics Design Contest, gaining the qualification for participating in the

          final competition of the 1st SDC International Fashion and Fabrics Design Contest held by Royal

          Institution of Dyeing in Mumbai. It was not only the first time the student from Department of Fashion

          Studies and Clothing Technology in Huizhou University that had dabbled in International contest but it

          was also the first time that the representative of China division that had been selected for attending the

          International Finals.


          To better perform in his first International contest, Liu had thrown himself into preparation. During the

          process of making the slopwork, plenty of problems needed to be solved, such as the communication

          with pattern makers, selections of fabrics and the modification of design draft, special techniques, cost

          control and so on. After finishing the slopwork, in order to completely present the fascination of his

          work, Liu had to look for well-trained models and professional photographers. Fortunately, a fellow

          schoolmate and a photographical teacher timely gave him hands.


          Everything was ready; Liu could clearly felt the calling from Mumbai. Before the final competition,

          Liu spared no effort to recite his speech draft and relative vocabulary. However, it didn’t work so

          much for he was too nervous to remember the words during his presentation in the final contest.

          Disadvantageous as his situation was, he smiled sincerely and explained his design concept as much as 

           possible to the Judging Panel with his gesture and limited vocabulary. At last, Liu ended his trip to SDC

          with the Participation Award.


          It’s a pity that judges cannot get a thorough understanding of my work,” said Liu honestly, “but still

          it is an unprecedented valuable experience to communicate with other nine contestants from different

          countries. And I’ve been aware of the importance of English; I’ll try my best to improve it.”

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