A Trip to Experience Hakkanese Culture

          On 3th March, Foreign Affairs Office, staff in Foreign Languages Department organized a one-day

          trip for the first batch of exchange students from Japan to experience Hakkanese culture, in a hope

          of deepening their understanding of Huizhou.


          At 9:00 a.m., teachers from Huizhou University led the students to the Hakka round houses,

          Chonglin’s House, located in Zhenlong, Huiyang. The buildings impressed the students extraordinarily

          by its remarkable architectural characteristics. Then, the group went to General Ye Ting Museum to

          appreciate General Ye’s great achievements. Tengyun Private School, the ancient private school General

          Ye attended in his childhood, caught the students’ great interests in its room arrangement, four treasures

          of study ( writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and ink stones) and ancient abacus. Later, they paid a visit

          to Jiangbei New Area in Huizhou and Huizhou West Lake. During their visitation, the students also had

          a very satisfying taste of special Hakkanese food. At the end of the trip, all of the abroad students were

          struck with admiration of Huizhou’s Hakkanese culture.


          When talking about the purpose of studying abroad, Tokoi Yoshihilo, one of the Japanese students, said:

          “with a great passion for Chinese and Chinese culture, I came to China. Through this one-week studying,

          I found that teachers in Huizhou University are amiable and hardworking and fellow students are friendly

          and enthusiastic.” He thought that what has made them grow attached favorable impression ofHuizhou

          were not only its natural scenery, unique Hakkanese food and rich historic culture, but the friendly and

          hospitable people. “I’m looking forward to visiting Huizhou again.” he said.





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